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Women, can't live with them, can't kill them

To be honest, I saw the ending coming as soon as I saw that bloke turn up. But the animation was better than most professional work, and if this guy isn't doing professional work soon if not already I'LL EAT MY OWN ANUS.

Give this guy a Knighthood. Regardless of nation.

I haven't even bothered logging in to vote for about a year, let alone review a movie. Normally it's simply not inspiring enough in relation to the effort. But this was fantastic, just at the point when I thought sprite movies were past it. Superb pacing, use of drama, use of music, and so inventive. Mario fans owe it to themselves to watch this.

A work of art, sprites are once again cool

Considering the technical achievements here, the placement of this movie is an insult. It should be at least top 5. It's not only the greatest Mario parody to date but the only Matrix parody bar The Matrix Has You bothering with at all. And the only reason anyone bothered with The Matrix Has You was because of the sponge of Newgrounds, LF.

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Very impressive

You get a lot of dickabouts on NG but this is the real deal. You clearly have OCD when it comes to the breaks and the bass because the attention to detail here is phenomenal. I don't review music here much but this was worth it. Thanks

dj-padman1 responds:

Cheers for the review mate, I appreciate it very much!

You have talent

but sadly you went and made Chaoz Japan so early, so you'll have to work damn hard to make anyone forget how good it was. Despite being no Chaoz Japan this is still about a thousand times better than your competition.
Also, Zero6421, you rambled for quite a long time about this KNFX thing like you're some kind of super detective, and even included the fact that KNFX's version is called SUPER DOUBLE DRAGON stage 5, but didn't at any point consider that the link between the two songs is stage 5 on the game SUPER DOUBLE DRAGON. But that'd be silly, right? Nothing but original music in the VIDEO GAME section isn't it?

Definitely something

I don't normally review audio, I just turn up to see how I'm doing, pat myself on the back if I'm still in the top ten, and go back to something else, but this is really good. It's very DJ Shadow, with a bit of early days breakbeat. Nice.

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